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Betty & Cat Children’s Book Reading: Saturday 5th December 2015

Betty & Cat Children’s Book Reading
Saturday 5th December 2015
2pm start (free entry)

As part of the Ladywell Christmas Market, we have an extra special, free children’s book reading at the Ladywell Gallery, ‘Il neige chez Betty & Cat in the snow’. Written by Hennie Jacobs & illustrated by Christine Duvernois, this beautifully illustrated, bilingual book relates the adventures of a French dog and an English cat as they explore their new life together, in their own language. The reading, in both languages, is being given by two displaced Canucks who have made their home in Ladywell, Joanne Grenier from Montreal & Catherine Chin from Toronto. Children must be accompanied by an adult at this reading. The books will be available for sale at Honeybourne’s following the reading.

Betty & Cat - Book Page Sample

Betty & Cat is a series of children’s books that reflect the way today’s children play with language. You won’t find a translation, just two critters communicating: Cat in English and Betty in Dutch or French depending on the book.

These books are ideal for,

  • Children being brought up bilingually, who are comfortable switching between the two languages, and are looking for books that reflect their unique lifestyle;
  • Adults close to those children who may have forgotten some of their English-language skills (or are learning French or Dutch), and want to participate in the bilingual experience of these children; and,
  • Children who are struggling with learning English and who perhaps don’t see the point of learning another language.

London Urban Legends: Monday 1st June 2015

London Urban Legends: The Hidden Insult And Other Stories
Monday 1st June 2015
8pm – 9.30pm (free entry)

What did Alexander McQueen write inside Prince Charles jacket? Why are there demons sitting on an office in the City of London? Did Hitler really want to live in Balham and where the heck did all these parakeets come from? Did they really start from Jimi Hendrix’s flat?

Join Scott Wood, local author of London Urban Legends: The Corpse on the Tube for plenty of strange and wonderful stories from the city.

Please Click Here for more information.

Story Sessions: Saturday 30th May 2015

Sessions – Festival Tales
Saturday 30th May 2015
7.30pm – 9.30pm (free entry)

A live literature event with stories from Joan Taylor-Rowan and David Bausor, poems from Elinor Brooks and Jennifer A McGowan on a festival theme. Circuses, Street parties and more. Join in with Flash from the Floor – your chance to read your own festival piece (max 100 words).

Please Click Here for more information.