Eye of the Blackbird Exhibition


The Ladywell Gallery provides an amazing opportunity for artists to showcase their artwork to wide and varied audience, both in the Gallery and on the walls inside the Ladywell Tavern. Below are some of our favourite artists who have displayed their work with us.

Process by Chen I-ChenChen I-Chen

I Chen would like to deliver the idea of “Process” to the viewer with materials such as glass, mirrors and flowers. Please feel free to put yourself in the artworks and enjoy the process of dialog between the artwork and you.

Infra red by Cynthia DewsburyCynthia Dewsbury

Cynthia studied fine art at Goldsmiths University 1975- 1978, then she did 2 years post graduate study at Slade School, University College London 1978 – 1980. Cynthia mainly works with mixed media and recycled materials.

Snowden Vista 2015 by eoh_mit photographyeoh_mit photography

eoh_mit search is for images that wait on the edge of the maze; that offer ways to stray and tarry and bring you to a mysterious, part-recognised place.

Bird is Dancing by Fang-Chun, KuoFang-Chun Kuo

The significance to Fang-Chun’s life is art. Arts, including poem, literature, music and painting, all express the presence of her desire to know how the people transform the things they experience and then create the art of philosophy.

Trixy by Lalitu ArtLalitu Art

Rebecca is a self-taught artist who has enjoyed drawing since as far back as she can remember. Her inspiration to become an artist has come from admiring fantasy art and films, especially the earlier creations of Tim Burton.

Galaxy Formation (2014)Laura Hepworth

Laura Hepworth’s work examines the themes of creation and connection: “how few of us wonder how they were created and what connections we may have with endless vista of stars and galaxies. Do we ever stop to consider what lies in the darkness?

Reckless Erica by Lottie DingleLottie Dingle

Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dingle is an artist and illustrator who works in a range of mediums, with particular favourites including oil mono-printing and chalk pastels. Her work is mainly of a dark, fantasy and/or surrealist bent, with themes of escapism, magic and the supernatural featuring heavily.

The Spotlight (2015)Maciej Jedrzejewski

Maciej Jedrzejewski has moved over from Poland to England at the age of 11 years old. He has spent his childhood in a small quiet town, located north west of Poland. The artist’s earliest memories are those of him drawing.

Corbyn Blair by Martin RowsonMartin Rowson

Martin Rowson is a multi-award winning cartoonist, whose work has appeared regularly over the past 33 years in The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The Times, The New Statesman, The Spectator, The Morning Star, The Scotsman, The Irish Times, Time Out and many many other publications.

Touch by Chiang Nien-yiNien-yi Chiang

Nien-yi is going to challenge the idea of touching art works. Nien-yi has been always especially attached to the feeling of touching rough objects when she was little. Even now when she sees art works in gallery, she always has a strong drive to touch the art works, which is of course forbidden in order to protect the works!

SofaSophie Lewis

Sophie Lewis is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in South East London. She has always taken an interest in attracting wildlife into the garden and became concerned on reports of the decline of bee population.

Please note that images shown on the artist pages are strictly copyright to the respective artist and cannot be used without express written consent.

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