Emma Winters - A tale of Trails Exhibition

About the Ladywell Gallery

The Ladywell Gallery is located round the back of south London’s Ladywell Tavern and puts on a wide range of art exhibitions and events. The Ladywell Gallery currently hosts regular rock choir rehearsals, life drawing classes, poetry nights, music group evenings, and is available for exhibitions, classes, recitals, private dining, movie nights, and many other events. Please Contact Us for more information.

Exhibition Space

Ladywell Gallery - Exhibition SpaceThe Ladywell Gallery is available for exhibitions. For a 3 week exhibition, with the artist(s) performing curation and invigilation, the price is £400, or £320 with concessions (student, retired etc). The commission is 20%. Time is given to put up and take down the exhibition.

We can optionally provide curation and invigilation services if needed. Please Contact Us for more details and availability.

Studio Space

Ladywell Gallery - Studio SpaceShort term hared artists’/designers’ studio spaces are available in the Ladywell Gallery whenever exhibitions are not being run. It’s the ground floor with natural light. The first floor is available for location hires, film and photography shoots, and art exhibitions at discounted rates.

Please Contact Us for details and availability.

Classes & Workshops

Ladywell Gallery - Workshops and ClassesThe Ladywell Gallery currently hosts a rock choir, life drawing class, and has previously held yoga classes and film clubs. We have also held kids art workshops and various fund raising events. The gallery is available for evening or morning sessions depending on duration and use.

Please Contact Us for details and availability.

Private Parties, Dining & Receptions

Ladywell Gallery - Private parties, dining and receptionsThe Ladywell Gallery can be used for private dining, drinks parties and receptions. The gallery has the perfect atmosphere for an elegant and memorable event. The Ladywell Tavern kitchen provides fresh, quality food sourced locally and can offer bespoke sit down dining or hot or cold buffets. You can also choose to have a drinks reception, waitress service throughout the event or simply order drinks over the bar.

Please Contact Us for details and availability.

Acts & Performances

Ladywell Gallery - Acts and PerformancesOther services include providing live music such as a jazz ensemble, acoustic singer/songwriter or more unusual and quirky music or performance acts.

Please Contact Us for details and availability.

Film and Photography Location

Ladywell Gallery - Film and Photography LocationThe Ladywell Gallery has been used to film scenes in a number of projects including TV pilots, short films and features. Our expansive white walls and great light make it a perfect location for shooting at an affordable price. The Ladywell Tavern provides amenities for the team and parking facilities are available.

Please Contact Us for details and availability.

Photos of Ladywell Gallery Space

Photos of Ladywell Gallery empty space

Floor Plan & Measurements

The Ladywell Gallery is spacious and light with plenty of wall space. The top floor boasts open beamed roof and fantastic light all day.

Ground Floor

Ladywell Gallery - Ground floor plan

1st Floor

Ladywell Gallery - 1st floor plan


Width: 5.0 meters
Width of diagonal wall: 5.4 meters

Length (longer wall)l: 7.8 meters
Length (shorter wall): 5.4 meters

Ground floor wall height: 2.3 meters
Top floor wall height: 2.5 meters

Window sizes aprox 1.8 x 1.1 meters

Special Thanks to Tank London for original page contents, photography and gallery measurements.

Art exhibitions, workshops, movie nights, and many other events in the heart of Ladywell village.