Poems In Ladywell

Poems In Ladywell
Monthly: Last Wednesday
7:30pm – 10pm (free entry)

We meet in the Ladywell Gallery on the last Wednesday of every month for an evening of poetry. We want to attract local poets to come and recite or read their own work. Each evening has a theme chosen in advance.

If you’re a Poet, please bring and read your own poems on the chosen theme or any related theme. If you’re a poetry lover, please read other people’s poems you love on the theme, or simply come along and listen!

More Info

Most evenings start at 7:30pm. Please check event listings for poetry theme and start times. Any queries, please contact Bartle,
Poetry at Ladywell Gallery Facebook Page

Previous Meetings

  • Wednesday 29th June 2016: Americana.
  • Wednesday 1st June 2016: Festive (Brockley Max special).
  • Wednesday 27th April 2016: Road(s).
  • Wednesday 30th March 2016: March.
  • Wednesday 24th February 2016: Wood.
  • Wednesday 27th January 2016: Flood(s).
  • Wednesday 30th December 2015: Saturnalia.
  • Wednesday 28th October 2015: Spirit(s).
  • Wednesday 30th September 2015: Flight.
  • Wednesday 26th August 2015: Vegetable(s).
  • Wednesday 29th July 2015: Travel.
  • Wednesday 3rd June 2015: ‘Body Heat’ (or bodies or heat).
  • Wednesday 21st January 2015 : Surprise.
  • Thursday 18th September 2014: Celtic Flavour.

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