Artist - Maciej Jedrzejewski - The Spotlight (2015)

Maciej Jedrzejewski


Maciej Jedrzejewski has moved over from Poland to England at the age of 11 years old. He has spent his childhood in a small quiet town, located north west of Poland. The artist’s earliest memories are those of him drawing. As he continues to walk on the path of life, he uses his art as a diary for a later contemplation upon the events within his life. This results in work that finds its roots in Surrealism and Abstractionism.

The works are created in a semi-automated fashion. Huge part of what is spilled out onto the canvas, depends on where his sub-conscious will lead him. Therefore, the work is discovered during the process of its creation. Within his work, the interest not only lies on the exploration of individual’s sub-conscious but also on the use of light and colour in order to achieve mystical, spiritual and surreal sensations.

Greatly inspired by Buddhism and lucid dreams, the artist hopes to achieve the sense of escape and arrival. The fuel for his passion is the believe that art (especially painting) can once again awaken divine emotions within an individual, this is the artist’s shared ideology with the old masters of Renaissance.



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