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Martin Rowson Retrospective: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Preview Night: Wednesday 25th May from 6.30pm
Exhibition: 26th May – 26th June
12pm to 6pm daily (free entry)

The Ladywell Gallery is proud to present, as part of Brockley Max 2016, To Hell. In a Handcart: A retrospective of Cartoons by Martin Rowson, 1986 – 2016

Featuring the multi-award winning cartoonist & long-time Lewisham resident’s work from The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The Morning Star, Sunday Today, Independent on Sunday, The Times, The Scotsman, Tribune, The Londoner, Time Out and many other publications, all of which is for sale. Some idiot on Wikipedia described Rowson’s style as “scathing and satirical”, which hardly scratches the surface.

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Visual Abstraction: 24th January – 7th February 2016

Preview Night: Friday 29th January 2016 from 6:30pm
Exhibition: 24th January – 7th February 2016, 12pm – 6pm

The Ladywell Gallery is proud to announce Visual Abstraction, an exhibition by Laura Hepworth with guest artists Maciej Jedrzejewski & Sophie Lewis.

In many cases where art and science collide, paradoxes occur in the artist’s work that has found influences in the findings of research by the work of scientists. Pablo Picasso, Robert Van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, have included this interdisciplinary concept into their work, this is evident in Picasso’s paintings reflected in Albert Einstein’s theory of space time relativity and how he achieved this understanding of geometric form within the chaos of his works…

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In the Flow: Exhibition Photos

Photos taken on the preview night of ‘In the Flow’, an exhibition by Fang-Chun, Kuo & Chiang Nien-yi & Chen I-Chen, are now available to view online.

‘In the Flow’ has now been extended to Sunday 28th June 2015 and contains additional artwork by Fang-Chun, Kuo!

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In the Flow: 20th June to 25th June 2015

Preview Night: 20th June 2015, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Exhibition: 20th June – 25th June 2015, 1pm – 6pm

The Ladywell Gallery is proud to announce In the flow, an exhibition by Fang-Chun, Kuo & Chiang Nien-yi & Chen I-Chen.

In the flow, the individual may experience a continuing change in their life consciously or unconsciously. The exhibition will present the hint of processing emotion and perception, as people might be not aware of the significance of conflict by the encounter of body and mind. The flow could be the movement of the physical body, and also the impact that the mind gives the one power, motive and behaviour. Through seeing art is process, the artist creates phenomenon to show the feelings of engaging in a embodiment of personal and experimental experience, and as to be “in the flow” the exhibition aims to communicate with the audience’s feeling and join the journey of variability of mind.

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Look Back & Interact Exhibition: Friday 29th May to Saturday 6th June 2015

Look Back & Interact
Exhibition of Brockley Max Festival Photos
29th May – 6th June 2015
12pm – 7pm daily (free entry)

The Look Back & Interact Exhibition allows visitors to choose their own pathway through the last 10 years of the Brockley Max Festival, using ‘tags’ and ‘favourites’ to find particularly interesting photos. This digital system will help reveal the community’s favourite shots.

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