A Piece of String by Bartle Sawbridge

A Piece of String – Book Launch: Wednesday 18th September 2015

A Piece of String
Book Launch by Bartle Sawbridge (Author)
Wednesday 18th September 2015
From 6:30pm

Bartle Sawbridge officially launched his his new book, ‘A Piece of String’, at the Ladywell Gallery on Wednesday 18th September.

‘A Piece of String’ is a satire on the UK Government’s obsession with measurement and targets, particularly in social policy areas. Its central character, Paul Grant, is a young civil servant who is sent out ‘into the field’ (inner south London) to test the parameters for answering the question ‘Is Life Worth Living?’ He finds that life out there is more chaotic and subversive than he had anticipated, and he narrowly escapes kidnap and murder. He finally sues the author in the High Court under Health and Safety legislation. At 60,000 words ‘A Piece of String’ is short, pointed, funny and literary.

A Piece of String by Bartle Sawbridge - Book CoverBartle Sawbridge’s background is in local government, housing and urban regeneration. ‘A Piece of String’ is his first novel, and he has published short stories with Arachne Press, and read one on BBC Radio 4. He is currently writing a sequel to ‘A Piece of String’, set in the Middle England village of Broadben. He lives in south east London.

The book’s available now in paperback (£7.99) or Kindle (£2.99) from Amazon. Please Click Here to buy now or a peek inside.