Music Geek Monthly

Music Geek Monthly

Music Geek Monthly – London
Monthly – every 3rd Tuesday

Music Geek Monthly is currently taking a break, but may return in the new year!

Have you ever wondered why there are no music groups that are like reading groups? Us too!

Music Geek Monthly fills that void… Inspired by the successful event in Cardiff we will be meeting monthly to talk about music.

Each month, new album releases will be reviewed in a hit, miss or maybe style. There will also be a chance to chat about upcoming gigs. Then, between each group meeting, members will listen to 2 albums, 1 band new and 1 classic, to be discussed at the next… meeting. Just like a book group.

Each month a different person will choose the classic album. You might find some musical gems that you didn’t know existed.


1. Bring yourself and think of a classic album you want to share.
2. Be prepared to describe your musical likes and dislikes.
3. Be open minded to a range of musical tastes and genres.
4. Embrace the hit, miss and maybe style.
5. Discuss new releases, upcoming gigs and monthly chosen albums.
6. Have a good time.

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